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Vance Suit Set




Look smart and suave in our Vance suit set which comes in a four piece vest, shirt, pants and bow tie! This classic black tone vest suit set will be the most classic and original suit set for all occasions.

Colour: Black Vest, White Oxford Shirt

Material: 100% cotton

Age Range: 4 Years Old, 6 Years Old, 8 Years Old, 10 Years Old, 12-13 Years Old

Size Measurements:

Age 4 Years Old 6 Years Old 8 Years Old

PTP: 13", 33.5cm

Waist 13", 33cm

Length 14.25" 37cm

Sleeve 13.75" 35.5cm

 PTP 13", 33cm

Waist 13", 33cm

Length 15.5", 39.5cm

Length of Sleeve 14.75", 37.5cm

PTP 15", 38cm
Waist 15", 38cm
Length 18", 46cm
Sleeve length 18", 45.5cm

PTP 12.75", 32cm

Waist 12.5, 32cm

Length 14", 35.5cm

PTP 12.5", 32cm

Waist 12.5", 32cm

Length 15.5", 39.5cm

PTP 13.75", 35cm
Waist 13", 33cm
Length 16", 41cm
Waist 9.75", 25.5cm Length 23.5", 60cm

Waist 11", 28cm

Length 26.25", 66.5cm

Waist 11.5", 29cm
Length 31.25", 79cm
118cm 116cm 128cm


Age 10 Years Old 13-14 Years Old

Shirt: PTP:41cm, 16"

Length: 48.5cm, 19"

Sleeve: 46.5cm, 18"

PTP: 41.5cm, 16"

Length: 53.5cm, 20.75"

Sleeve: 51.5cm, 20"


PTP 36.5cm, 14.25"

Length: 44cm, 17"

PTP: 39.5cm, 15.25"

Length: 46.5cm, 18"

Pants Length: 86. 33.75" Waist:34cm, 13.25"

Waist: 36.5cm, 13.25"

Length: 99cm, 38.75"

Height 140cm 162cm
Model is 112cm, 18kg. Wearing size 6 YR


If orders are on different dates, need to place order separately

Our representative will contact you for a deposit (2x rental fee) to be made after you have placed your order. If all is good, the deposit will be returned to you within 3 working days from date of collection of your item.

* this data was obtained from manually measuring the product. It may be off by 1-2CM.

* depending on your child's body type and dressing habits, the above size is for reference only.

Please contact us at for any special requests


Here is an infographic to guide you along our rental process



Kindly check the measurements before you proceed! 
Body types and sizes vary, so we have an approximate measurement guide in helping you choose the right size


Regular Delivery & Collection 

Select Regular Delivery & Collection for a 4 hour range between 10am - 3pm or 3pm - 7pm

1 way: $12 (delivery or collection)
2 ways: $24 (both delivery & collection)

Flexi Delivery & Collection 

Select Flexi Delivery & Collection for delivery between 10am - 7pm.

We will not be able to accomodate any specific timing deliveries as we will have to plan the most optimised route for delivery. If you require a smaller time range, please select our Regular Delivery & Collection option.

1 way: $8 (delivery or collection)
2 ways: $16 (both delivery & collection)

Self Collection & Return (FREE)

Self Collection & Return will be held at our home studio located in Simei (Open from 10am - 7pm). An sms will be sent to you to arrange for collection & return at least a day before.

Q: When can i receive the outfit(s)?

A: We will deliver the outfit(s) a day before your event start date or 2 days before if its winter wear. For self-collection, you can collect it a day before your event start date or 2 days before if its winter wear.

Q: When do i return the outfit(s)?

A: We will collect the day after your event ended. For self-return, you should return the outfit(s) the day after your event ended anytime before 7pm. 

If you require specific timing for delivery & collection, please contact us at 88338688 to arrange. Extra charges will apply.

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