About Us

Weekend Kids is dedicated to providing you with a wide selection of high quality clothes for your children. We constantly strive to make you ready for picture perfect moments, assisting wherever we can to make your events fashionable, and your child's fairytale moments come true. From going on an overseas trip, to a special occasion to celebrate a birthday, or even being a Flower Girl and Page Boy of a wedding, the possibilities are endless.

With a wide array of endless possibilities however, it begets a situation in which there are so many instances where we obtain clothes for children to use only once. Our vision is to help reduce textile waste on Earth by convincing parents like yourself to rent instead of buy clothes that can last a short period of time or used only once before your child outgrows them, while still providing your child with the quality wear that they deserve.

We at Weekend Kids thus pledge to do our part in saving the environment by conducting donation drives to collect your child's old and unwanted clothes to bring to recyclable textile plants, as well as purchase drives to buy over your child's preloved fanciful clothing that are still in good condition. Who knows, you might just find your child's clothes here on our website, having been given a beautiful new lease of life to another child's special day.