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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you rent clothes instead of sell?

To save the environment! So many clothes go to waste because of the purchase culture in our world. We want to help reduce textile wastage that is particularly prevalent in children's clothing because children outgrow their clothes so quickly! Especially for clothes that they can only wear once or twice a year, it really makes more sense to rent instead (and it's cheaper too). Together, we can stop this vicious cycle of textile wastage!

I have changed my mind on my order and would like to cancel it.

For our clothes, you can get a refund in store credit should you change your mind! This store credit will be a code that is emailed to you, as well as conveyed to you via our representative. You can use the store credit for future rentals!

What is the shortest duration I can rent for?

Currently our shortest duration is 1 day, so do select the date(s) that you require the outfits for. We will deliver one day before and collect one day after your stipulated date. For instance, if you need the outfit on 2nd January, we will deliver on 1 January and collect on 3 January. That will be considered a one day rental.

For winter wear, we will deliver two days in advance :)

Check out Our Process for more information on our delivery and collection process!

Why can't I rent an item for the next day/tomorrow?

This is a logistical issue on our end. We want to make sure that the product can be delivered to you on time, even if it was rented by someone else before. Hence, two days is the shortest time that we can do a proper turnover and obtain a clean outfit. If you do need a certain item urgently, do contact us at us and we'll see if we can come up with something for you :)

What if I need an item for the next day/two days later?

Do contact us at us to see if we can arrange something for you. However we do apologise if the outfit you would like to rent is unavailable on your stipulated date. Note: Extra charges may apply for last minute rentals 

What if I want to try on clothes/need more information on the clothes?

We know that every child is different size so we provide measurements on each outfit so that you can see whether the outfit will fit your child. This is especially crucial for our clothes because the majority are sourced from overseas and hence are quite likely to be of a different size than clothes that can be found in Singapore.

We also provide an option to try on outfits at our home studio! Fix an appointment to come to our home studio (located in Simei)

Alternatively, you can opt for our home styling programme where we come to your place.

Why do I need to place a deposit?

We have spent the longest time possible holding off requiring a deposit because we wanted to provide a wholly fuss free and fun experience for you and your child. However, a number of people have failed to take care of our clothes because there was no need for it, and now we can no longer bear the cost of bringing quality clothes to you while keeping the prices affordable. We do assure you however, that on most occasions, a large number of stains can definitely be removed. Once we have guaranteed that the clothes are in good condition, we will return you the deposit within 3 working days.

Will there be discounts if I rent more than one item of clothing?

We do provide discounts and have other promotions available, so follow us on Facebook or Instagram and sign up to our mailing list to receive exclusive discounts and be updated on our offers!

Also, we have a loyalty programme where the more times you rent, the more discounts you will get!

Can I pass you my child's old clothes?

Yes of course! We have an ongoing programme called "Loved", where you pass us clothes that are in good condition so that it can be rented out to other parents! This way, the clothes you loved so much will have a new lease of life! Reach out to us for more information about Loved, and how to join this Green initiative!


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