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Care and Return Instructions

Care Instructions

While we try our best to ensure that our clothes get to you in the most optimal conditions, there may be a few creases/wrinkles that occured during the packing/delivery process. Here is how to resolve those pesky problems if you absolutely must!


Steaming your tutu is the best way to remove wrinkles or creases. Because most tutus have additional embellishments that can melt, we ask that you use a lower heat setting on your steamer and that you never use an iron on the tulle or embellishments. If you don’t have a steamer readily available, hanging your dress in the bathroom while a hot shower is running is another easy way to work out the wrinkles.


Cotton dresses can also be steamed, but if they don’t have any sequins or embellishments on them then using an iron on a low heat is fine. For any dresses made from fragile materials such as organza we recommend steaming them.


A quick steam in the morning before the occasion is optimal to remove any wrinkles out of fabric. Try and avoid direct perfume sprays as it attracts insects, and notice surfaces before sitting to avoid stains and dirt.

Winter Wear

In the colder winter season, you are less prone to sweating and your outer layers can be worn multiple times without washing (if they don’t smell and don’t have any stains), so your child can wear the jackets multiple times throughout your holiday. A quick steam in the morning before the occasion is optimal to remove any wrinkles out of fabric if necessary. Try and avoid direct perfume sprays on wool as it attracts insects!

Return Instructions

After your child's event and when you are ready to return the item(s) on your stipulated date selected, please perform the following steps:

  • Fold and insert your item(s) carefully back inside the resealable ziplock bag/box 
  • Wait for our delivery personnel to come and pick up the item at your selected time slot.

It's that simple! We will handle the cleaning/washing of the product so that you have the most hassle free experience.

Exchange of Items

If your item doesn't fit, do contact us for an exchange at Please ensure that you are responsible for the return shipping. Please make sure your items are eligible for return, and you can refer to our full return policy posted online.

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