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Yet another custom made chain that made it to our store, Natalie screams tribal from head to toe! This chain is fully customisable to your desired colour if the red is not to your liking, but the tribal style will still be retained!

Product Specifications:

  • 3mm red beads
  • 3mm white beads
  • 2mm black beads
  • 2mm gold beads


40cm length (Child size)

50cm length (Adult size)

60cm length (Extra long)

Twins (40cm child + 50cm adult) OR Twins (40cm child + 60cm extra long)

(Please note that there may be 1 - 3 cm difference as it is a handmade item)


*customisation options available

*1 week lead time required

*if item is on backorder, 2 weeks backorder time required. Non backorder items will be shipped together when the backorders arrive.

*as each chain is handmade, every piece will look slightly different


Please contact us at for any special requests

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