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Designer: Weekend Kids

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Athena is a fiery Goddess of War and what better title to give to than our first fiery red chain! Symbolising energy and passion, match this bold statement piece with your outfit ensemble and watch your style come to life!

Product Specifications:

  • Red Asymmetrical Translucent Stones
  • 14k Gold Plated Bronze Chain
  • Gold Clasp

If you require customisation, check out our range of charms or alphabet beads

If you require gift wrapping, do add it here and include a note in checkout which chain you would like to include it on.


  • 40cm length (Child)
  • 50cm length (Adult)
  • 60cm length (Extra long)
  • Twins (40cm Child + 50cm Adult)
  • Twins (40cm Child + 60cm Adult)
  • 28cm (Token / Handphone Chain)

(Please note that there may be 1 - 3 cm difference as it is a handmade item)

*Some stones have naturally occurring black spots inside them

*1 week lead time required

*if item is on backorder, 2 weeks backorder time required. Non backorder items will be shipped together when the backorders arrive.

*as each chain is handcrafted, every piece will look slightly different


Please contact us at for any special requests