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Buzz Lightyear

$24.00 SGD


Your galactic adventurer's imagination will take baby to infinity and beyond wearing this Buzz Lightyear Costume, which includes cap, gloves, and detachable wings. It provides all of the Space Ranger essentials to defeat Emperor Zurg in no time!

Colour: White

Age Range: 18-24 Months, 3 Years Old, 5 Years Old

Size Measurements: 

Age 18-24 Months 3 Years Old 5 Years Old
PTP (across) 28cm, 11" 30.5cm, 12" 37cm, 14.5"
Waist (across) 28cm, 11" 30.5cm, 12" 34cm, 13.5"
35.5cm, 14" 43cm, 17" 49.5cm, 19.5"
Length  66cm, 26" 81cm, 32" 99cm, 39"
Pants 43cm, 17" 56cm, 22" 67cm, 26.5"
Height 92cm, 36" 105cm, 41" 116cm, 45.5"


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