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Ulysses Suit (Loved)

Designer: Weekend Kids

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Loved by Weekend Kids is our consignment initiative, featuring a selection of carefully curated clothes that we handpicked and now bring to you! In line with our overarching green initiative, we are launching this to give our beloved clothes a new lease of life. The Ulysses suit is a 

Product Specifications:

Colour: Blue

Age Range: 2-3 Years Old, 5-6 Years Old

Size measurements: 

Age 2-3 Years Old  5-6 Years Old
PTP (across) Vest: 8", Shirt: 9"  Vest: 9", Shirt: 10" 
Waist (across) Vest: 8", Shirt: 9", Pants: 8" Vest: 9", Shirt: 10", Pants: 8"
Length Vest: 10", Shirt: 11.5", Pants: 13" Vest: 10", Shirt: 13", Pants: 16"
Sleeve Shirt: 4" Shirt: 4"

 * this data was obtained from manually measuring the product. It may be off by 1-2CM.

* depending on your child's body type and dressing habits, the above size is for reference only.


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